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Floral Sources from Gruwell Apiary
Orange Blossom - Saw Palmetto - Wild Flower
Gallberry - Mangrove - Brazilian Pepper

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom honey is a combination of citrus floral sources. Orange is a leading honey source in southern Florida. Orange trees bloom primarily in March and April resulting in a white to extra light amber honey with a distinctive flavor and the aroma of orange blossoms.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is one of the characteristic understory plants of the low pinelands throughout the state of Florida. Saw palmetto is usually a good nectar producer, yielding a light amber table honey.

Seasonal Varieties

Wild Flower

A mix of floral sources honey bees gather when the main nectar sources of orange blossom, palmetto and Brazilian pepper are not in bloom. Wild flower may include one or more of a variety of nectar sources depending on time of bloom and hive location. These sources consist of golden rod, cabbage palm, rag weed, spanish needle, willow and any other nectar producing plant.


Is one of the understory shrubs of the flatwoods, throughout the state of Florida, blooming from March to May. It is a good nectar source, producing one of the best grades of honey in the state.


Mangrove fringes the coastal areas from Levy County on the west, through the Keys to Volusia County on the east coast. In St. Lucie County, mangroves are abundant along the banks of the Indian River Lagoon. It is a good nectar producer nearly every year from the months of May to July. Hives located within proximity to the Lagoon's mangrove plants collect nectar and pollen especially in July following the palmetto bloom. The honey is white and granulates very quickly after extracting.

...squeeze bear... Squeeze Bear
Plastic squeeze bear filled with your choice of light amber Orange Blossom honey or amber Saw Palmetto honey.
Squeeze Bee
This 1 pound squeeze bee is a cute characterization of the honeybee. Choose to fill it with either orange blossom or saw palmetto honey.
...beeline... Beeline
This traditional honey container is a favorite classic. It is filled with your choice of orange blossom, saw palmetto or wild flower raw honey.
Share the goodness of heaven's honey with this adorable plastic squeeze angel.
Glass Containers
For those who prefer the product purity achieved by glass.
Honey Jugs
For honey lovers! Great for cooking.
...jug of honey... Comb Honey
As raw as you can get!
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Our family is dedicated to producing pure raw honey.
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