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Beeswax Chunks by the pound

Order your beeswax by the pound. This product will include propolis and other foreign matter. You will need to filter it before use.  Orders over 60 pounds may require pallet and freight charges. Please e-mail us at: gruwellapiary@yahoo.com for pallet and freight charges.  Include the quantity desired and the shipping address.  Orders over 500 pounds may qualify for a discount.

Note:  This beeswax is not in neat uniform blocks.  We  break up and chip off pieces to make up the exact amount ordered. Your beeswax chunks will vary in size and shape but will equal the amount ordered.  Beeswax blocks will vary in color from light to dark.  This Beeswax will contain honey, bee parts, propolis and other foreign materials. 

Adjust your amount in the shopping cart. 

Tip: The beeswax will lighten in color if placed in sunlight. Filtered beeswax may be purchased below.

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